Twitter sides with genocide:

If I “commit suicide” it’s probably because this goes viral and one of the money holding interests that I am about to drag didn’t like what I had to say.

Lately, people have spent a lot of time jerking themselves and their friends off about how they are so proud to have “stuck by their guns” and how their political side is the one that is on the side of justice. Republican or Democratic, both sides claim to be fighting the oppressive nature of the opposite party.

I understand why… people want to be on the right side of history. Which is why I’m not ashamed to say that I voted for Gary Johnson, against Donald Trump, in his first election and intentionally abstained in the second.

I believe both parties to be criminal organizations that have proven, in their intentional manipulation of primary elections, to have no interest in fulfilling the needs of the American people. The elections are, in fact, fraudulent and if you can’t see that there is no point of continuing this conversation.

I believe that Donald Trump purchased the nuclear missile launch codes and the spineless republican party let it happen (when I say spineless I’m particularly referring to the likes of Ted Cruz who was making phone calls begging people for money on behalf of Donald Trump, the same man who just a day before insulted his wife and father… I’ve beat people with my hands for far less).

I also suspect that Donald Trump had Jeffery Epstein murdered so that he wouldn’t rat on Trump for committing acts of pedophilia… “grabbing them by the pussy,” as it were.

I believe that Hilary Clinton and her husband have committed MULTIPLE murders ( )and I also believe that the democratic party knowing this still propped up the Clinton family repeatedly.


The history of evil being allowed to thrive in public is well documented.

In 1938 Hitler was on the Home and Garden magazine:

Many people didn’t believe, or simply didn’t know that he was the biggest piece of shit to date…

So here is MY attempt to show that I AM on the right side of history.

In recent news the company named Huawei, the Chinese version of Verizon, has been implicated in developing a “Uighur Alarm” that uses facial recognition software. Meaning to say, the phone scans faces and when it thinks you fall into the ethnic/religious minority of Uighur, the phone tells Chinese government who and where you are.

PBS is reporting here, , that the Chinese government has interned over a million people. I’ll say that differently… The Chinese government has put a million people in jail because of their ethnicity.

People who have been released from these internment camps, referred to by the Chinese government as “re-education centers,” state that they were locked up, interrogated, and severely beaten. It seems clear to me that these centers have no intention of “re-educating.”

So, when I tweeted at the Huawei bot that they were “A bunch of bastards who are likely propping up a government SO THAT THEY CAN COMMIT mass human atrocity, and I hope you burn” twitter banned me.

To my knowledge Huawei, Trump, the Clintons, the GOP, and the RNC all still have platforms, but I do not.

I suspect that it primarily has to do with the fact that I am poor. Though I know people don’t like being called out when they’re jerking off somebody who an evil piece of shit.

Twitter, you’re jerking off evil pieces of shit, which is fine, if that’s your thing, but it’s a bad look to de-platform people who are hoping to be on the right side of history.

If this hurts your feelings I don’t give a fuck.



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Evan Carter

Evan Carter

Never send to know for whom the bells tolls, it tolls for thee.